Gay, Not Queer: Dicks are dangerous

“Dicks are dangerous.  They belong to males.  Males are dangerous.  Not all males, but enough to fuck things up.  Fucking things up, overwhelmingly, for females.  Stop denying this.  Stop denying the dangers posed to females by males.  Nobody is saying that every dude is a rapist, but enough are to warrant women’s suspicion of every dude.  It’s offensive as hell that these dicksplaining assholes are ridiculing women for being concerned with their own safety and well-being.  I’m not even female and dudes and their dicks scare me.  I say this as a gay male who has been a victim of sexual violence at the hands of another male.  I say this as a gay male who knows well the dangers of dick given the threat of HIV/AIDS and other STIs in the gay male community.  Dudes and our dicks are dangerous.  Dangers of dick: disease and possible resulting death, rape, pregnancy, pregnancy complications, post-natal complications, abortion, and on and on.  Dick danger denialism is delusional.  By engaging in it you are doing injustice to those harmed by dudes and their dicks, the vast majority of whom are female.  Stop it now.” – GNQ.

2 responses to “Gay, Not Queer: Dicks are dangerous

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  2. Hear Hear.