So, If You React to Feminists Like You are “Mentally Ill,” Are We Supposed to Ignore that? Just Checking.

Do you really expect civil discourse after attacking trans women so viciously? How do you expect us to react we you call us mentally ill?

Gender Identity Disorder is very much a mental illness. It causes people to:

— hate their own bodies up to and including a strong urge to cut off perfectly normal, perfectly healthy body parts, take dangerous hormones, etc.;

— be virulently jealous of people who have the body-type they wish they had or think they “ought” to have;

— be completely, self-indulgently, vociferously irrational about the simple facts of reproductive biology, unlike 99.8% of the rest of adult human beings (e.g. demanding that others agree that their penis is “really female” and that their male body is “really a lesbian’s body”, etc.);

— based on my observations, GID also causes people to engage in  histrionic manipulation, to engage in obsessive behaviors (e.g. stalking people who reject them sexually, relentlessly following people on-line that they “hate”, spending thousands of hours over a period of decades endlessly obsessing over “gender” presentation) and to exhibit extremely poor impulse control, for example, lashing out with virulent death wishes or threatening/attempting suicide when socially thwarted, and entering into dangerous sex-work, drug abuse, drinking binges, homelessness, etc. rather than successfully adjusting their life-style to fit in with the basic parameters of the working world — a world that millions of (for example) lesbians, bisexuals and gay men manage to negotiate successfully despite our differences from the expected social “norm”.

GID also appears to present with the co-morbidity of clinical depression in a high percentage of cases.

I do occasionally indulge in some snarkiness on the subject, but this is after a couple of years of being stalked in real life, being threatened and abused on-line for stating the facts about human biology, being told to drink bleach, slit my own throat, die in a fire, get raped to death, etc. by “trans” whacktivists and their hand-maidens. I think I’ve earned the right to a bit of snark.

However, saying “‘cis woman’ is hate-speech formulated to use against women by a ‘trans woman’ who coined it to denigrate us and appropriate the word ‘woman’ from us” and “men can not be female nor can they be lesbians and they should accept their reproductive sex and leave lesbians alone” is not vicious. These are the facts and I will always, always speak the truth.


3 responses to “So, If You React to Feminists Like You are “Mentally Ill,” Are We Supposed to Ignore that? Just Checking.

  1. Yay Rose! Tell it.

    Well transwhacktivists are indeedy stuck between a rock and a hard place. In order to popularise it (primarily cross-dressing and other male fetishes like autogynephilia) they had to get the medical profession onside and declare it to be a legitimate (mental) illness, which it is. Now trans want us to treat them as rational (non mentally ill) humans, even though they exhibit all the signs of multiple other mental illnesses in addition to the GID. Ultimately, it is trans wanting it both ways as per usual.

    We respect trans’ human rights like we do with a person who has schizophrenia, but we also recognise it is dangerous to indulge a schizophrenic’s delusions and try to stop them causing themselves harm.

    Transwhacktivists, the constant stream of death/rape/harm threats really does not help your sanity plea. It does however, put you in the dangerously unsane category.

    • Yes exactly, to this post!

      “We respect trans’ human rights like we do with a person who has schizophrenia”

      That is a good way to put that… thanks.

  2. I just wish men in all their guises would just fuck off and get out of our space. Does that make me a bad person?