Privilege Denying Tranny

“Um. No. Transmisogyny is worse than misogyny because ITS EFFECTS ARE MORE VIOLENT, MORE PAINFUL AND MORE WIDESPREAD. Not because trans*women matter more than cis women or are less equipped to handle misogyny but because trans* women suffer a thousand times more erasure, more verbal and physical abuse, are more likely to be raped, attacked or killed for their sex. “- vivicafux

Ok, only that history completely contradicts this. Female Genocide, Rape? Those things don’t matter because special snowflake boy is now being treated with less respect than what he believes he deserves. So that means ignoring eons of femicide , rape, forced impregnation, poverty and slavery because TRANSMISOGY IS SOOO MUCH WORSE GUYS!

It pisses me off that so many trans activists ignore the fact that most trans people who are murdered are involved in prostitution. I guess that would undermine the whole “yeah, sex work is great and empowering!” bullshit  spin they have going…

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  1. Riiiight. Half the human race is female; 50% of all humans, then, are members of an oppressed class. And you really believe that more ‘transwomen’ are subject to violence and death than are biological women are? One delusion after another.