What Triggers Rose Verbena?

What triggers Rose Verbena? Glad you asked:

1) Males demanding (under threat of violence) that I call them “she”, “her”, “woman” or “female”;

2) Enablers of males who demand (under threat of violence) that I refer to males as “she”, “her”, “woman” or “female”;

3) People less than half my age lecturing to me about “feminism” as if I haven’t been a feminist for 44 years, as if I haven’t suffered every kind of deprivation and abuse for being a REAL feminist for 44 years (since the age of 12);

4) People with unhealed, untreated mental health issues VOMITING their unhealed rage and abuse on me while I am being socially pressured to just TAKE IT;

5) Anons who think it’s funny, cute, righteous, etc. to heap VICIOUS abuse, death wishes, threats of violence, threats of arson, threats of rape, etc. ad nauseum on women on-line with zero sense of shame, self-restraint or self-control;

6) Trolls who think that threatening women with rape, battering, violence, etc. is funny or cute or justified if the woman is purported to be “transmisogynist” or otherwise “deserving” of the abuse (hint: NO ONE is deserving of abuse);

7) Racist twits who keep calling me “white” or saying that all radical feminists are “white” despite the fact that I and other radical feminists have stated repeatedly that we are multi-racial or women of color. Denying the existence of my beloved Ojibwa (Chippewa) and Choctaw ancestors just because I am not buying in to the current/fad “trans” cult is RACIST and when you deny my family exists, you are intentionally triggering me;

8) Being stalked by a “trans woman” in real life who — absent ANY encouragement from me whatsoever — decided that he wanted to be my “lesbian lover”. He’s been stalking me more or less for two-plus years and yes, a man who will not take “no” for an answer is very triggering, especially as he knows my real name and where I live;

9) Being told (by the government) that I could lose my job for refusing to use false pronouns for a “trans” person (e.g. refusing to use “she” for a male “trans woman”) is VERY triggering and I would take the case all the way to the Supreme Court as my most deeply held spiritual beliefs hold that it is WRONG to lie and that I must always speak the truth (or stay silent) in order to keep my spiritual and mental health in order;

10) Having every (formerly) safe and private woman-only space in America invaded by mentally ill men who think they’re “really women” is SUPER triggering for me. I feel that this invasion is sick, abusive, intrusive, harmful to women and girls and MUST be stopped before we have ZERO safe spaces for women outside of our locked homes.

In summary: the entire (fad, cult) “trans” lie is a threat to my spiritual and mental health and my physical safety. Yes, it is very TRIGGERING for me to be forced to lie or else to suffer being threatened and abused by mentally ill strangers. This needs to STOP. Now.


23 responses to “What Triggers Rose Verbena?

  1. 1, 2: How is it that “males” present by default a threat of violence when their muscles have atrophied in size to female ranges. You can call me a “male” or a “man.” And I can respond “Fuck off and die in a fire, bitch.” Seems we can’t be friends, but I live and let live.
    10: I do use the ladies’ room, though, as deemed appropriate by the majority of men and women in society, so you will have to get over that, because confronting me about it will just bring about the above response. Sorry others’ being triggers you… :/

  2. What rational person would intentionally allow his muscles to atrophy for ANY reason?

    What civilized person says “Fuck off and die in a fire, bitch.” to ANY human being for ANY reason?

    What informed person believes in gender?

    What sensible man believes he ever really “passes” as a woman?

    What mentally balanced person is obsessed with opposite sex bathrooms?

    What sane person believes sex can be changed through cosmetic surgery and drugs?

    What lucid person insists that lesbians have sex with him because not to do so is transphobic/misogynistic?

    Slavery, wife beating, forced marriages, indentured servitude, denying women the right to vote were all legal at one time, too. It never made such things morally right. No amount of bullying, legal or otherwise, will ever change that. Being humored, tolerated, pitied isn’t acceptance.

    • A: The one able and willing to make of one’s body what one will

      A. The one that, like everyone else, is not to be confronted for no reason

      A. Many, many, many people

      A. None, because men are and pass as men Ex] Buck Angel

      A. None, but we (trans people) tend to be forced into the bathrooms appropriate to our appearance Ex] I get kicked out of male facilities, because beauty, breasts and curves do not fly

      A. The kind familiar with holistic biological observation of sexual dimorphism

      A. I do not know, but I like men, LOL

      Response: Blacks and Whites have been segregated, too, but that failed just as Trans and Cis segregation is failing, and, believe me, I know acceptance more than you ever will: Family, Friends, and my Boyfriend: accepted, loved and trusted (Family), accepted and envied (Friends and Strangers), loved, cherished and spoiled (Boyfriend). I reply, not for you, but for all non-bigots. As for you, Chazz, you can “Fuck off and die in a fire, bitch.” I do not care…

  3. Toni, you’re a deeply disturbed man. I, and many other lesbians, will not enable you or fetishistic pursuits.

    • Chazz, you’re a bigoted, ignorant man. “Fuck off and die in a fire, bitch.” See how easy that was? I can better use such delusions against you, because I have the education to know that it is delusional to pretend that I can define other people.

      See how you have have no response when faced with a term such as “holistic biological observation of sexual dimorphism?” You do not know, and you do not care to know, and that makes you harmless in my eyes. Live in delusion, die in fire — I do not care for you.

  4. ethicalequinox

    So let’s look at this again, shall we?
    YOU can say “die in a fire, bitch” to us.
    WE can NOT say “you are not a woman” to you.
    Is this the point you are trying to make, Toni? Are you sure it is a good one?

    • Some other trans ally told me to “eat a dick” for saying “trans women are male.”

      Fascinating stuff, this is.

    • Oh no, ethicalequinox.
      You CAN say “you are not a woman” to me.
      And I CAN respond “die in a fire, bitch” to you.
      Everyone has the right to knowingly be offensive in exercising free speech, the point being that we can be friends or we can be enemies and that it is ill-advised to cast the first stone against any person. A good one, indeed.

      • ethicalequinox

        BULLSHIT. The difference is that one is a threat, the other is a statement of fact.

        How obtuse ARE you? Christ….

    • Sorry, ethicalequinox, but you are incorrect. One is a righteous spurning and the other is, in fact, a false statement (at least between you and I in our hypothesis), because I can pull my birth certificate and driver’s license as proof of sex, both of which are issued by authorities higher than you.

      How obtuse am I? Obtuse enough to educate the ignorant on our 97.83% shared chromosomes, 96.65% shared chromosomal pairings, and the holistic biological observation of our sexual dimorphism as triggered by our human sex steroids. In other words, obtuse enough to dismiss you regardless of my proof of sex, thank you very much.

      • “the holistic biological observation of our sexual dimorphism as triggered by [the effects of] our human sex steroids” [on our gene expression]. Sorry, I hate to be imprecise in cases where precision is paramount (a demonstration of biology).

      • ethicalequinox

        OMFG don’t even try to school me in biology. Hilarious. I’m done here…

        Oh Cathy, with your law degree and everything, could you inform us as to whether telling someone to die in a fire constitutes a threat? You know, a threat recognized by higher authorities and such?

      • Well, given that trans ppl on the Internet think they know the law, I would defer to their “authority.”

    • Of course you’re done here. You have no argument: nothing. This is the expected outcome of the bigoted and ignorant vs. the other, as the other rises above persecution.

      See how Cathy has no argument, either? As the law applies to me here, neither of you are in any position to cause trouble for me, thanks be to Nevada S.B. 331. Of course, neither am I interested in causing trouble, hence the “Sorry others’ being triggers you… :/” That’s gotta suck… Seriously.

      Anyway, thanks: it’s always fun to check up on the opposition. I posed the atrophy question and made my point about being friends or enemies. And if either of you got anything out of the extra dialogue, then you’re welcome. And if you’re hatin’, then you know what to do. ;*)

  5. So… If I follow this logic, it’s NOT okay to trigger Rose by living a life that is nothing to do with her, but it’s completely FINE to trigger a trans* person because you’re uncomfortable with it? … That doesn’t seem very fair at all to me.

  6. I see that what triggers Toni is reality. Typical of his kind.

  7. Strange to see hatred promoted by the oppressed. FYI, ethical, no that isn’t a threat, which is why the lawyer deferred to others rather than answering.

  8. Wonder if Toni has died in a fire yet?