Dear God, The Trans Dyke Tag on Tumblr

Tell me again how these guys are Lesbians.

Oh, and don’t click on this link unless you wish for your eyes to bleed.

37 responses to “Dear God, The Trans Dyke Tag on Tumblr

  1. *shudder*

    Leaving to join the Carthusians. Nice knowing you all.

  2. More wangs on that page than you could poke a laydeestick at.

  3. Right, so just so you know, if I could kick anyone out of the lgbt umbrella, it wouldn’t be the trans* lesbians, it would be you lot. Your hatred and bigotry is disgusting. Grow up.

  4. I never wanted in. I never wanted Tranz in. There is no “in.” And yes, your balls really do smell funny. Funny as in “icky.”
    Lesbians don’t have dicks. Nor ARE they dicks. You, the guy in the photos? You have a dick. And you are a dick. So go fuck yourself. Oh, that’s right, you’re already doing that.

  5. They’re lesbians because they’re women who are atracted to other women. What, you need a dictionary or something?

  6. You don’t have to worry Cathy, seriously, no one with eyes would fuck you anyway.

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  8. Oops–Beth Elliot?

    • what you trying to do dude cath? intimidate me by posting photos of me from my facebook out of context? You really are a piece of work aren’t you.

      • I am trying to get you to back the fuck off because you are a creep. You – being male – cannot discern that no one gives a fuck for your opinion. BACK OFF.

      • I am not male, I am female, you can shove you’re opinon of me anywhere it might put a smile on your face, I don’t give a shit. Debate is about having different points of view. You say something is a certain way, but don’t explain why, I’m still waiting for your definition of “Mansplaining”, here’s a hint, do what I did and look on wikipedia, and don’t just use words willy-nilly that you don’t understand in the hopes that others don’t either.

        You’re also all about negative comments, “oh this is bad, this is mysoginistic”, yet you never suggest anything positive to resolve the situation. You’re like the person who doesn’t help setup with something, but is the first to complain it’s not to you’re liking, well grow the fuck up, and when you’re at it, realise that we are in the 21st century we’re everyone has or should have the same rights, and that means some people being able to do things others aren’t going to like, that’s what freedom is, you’re kind of world would to something similar that happened in Germany in the last century if people didn’t toe the party line.

      • You are male. Sorry Charlie.

      • nope, not male, not a bigot either, try again.

      • Oh, my mistake, your penis is female, yes?

      • it appears you cannot read, I do not have a penis, however you are acting like one


      • WHY DON’T YOU TRY READING MY ORIGINAL POST (put that in big letters so you can read it)

      • and don’t put my name in quotes, that’s my legal name “Cath”

      • nope, just after a little bit of mutual respect.

  9. this is what hypocrisy looks like –

    Publishing information about people’s personal lives is a tactic of intimidation intended to silence the speaker.

  10. You know, I’m incredibly glad to have found this site (and you), for the most part. Being a transgender person, I’ve always felt severely disconnected from the community, simply because the majority are just blatant morons who have been yelling at people to “not judge them” since they were shopping at HotTopic. I find it incredibly regressive and backwards to enforce any sort of categorized gender spectrum. Why can’t we just be individuals with (for the most part) binary sexes? Not to mention, you wouldn’t waltz on into a trans-specific event, yet these kids completely ignore the fact that genitalia matters in sex-specific circumstances.
    That being said, it’s pretty lowbrow to attack these people based on their physical appearance. I’m not saying I’ve never “bullied” someone in that way, but it doesn’t help your message–and when you’re saying something this important, there’s a level of professionalism that becomes necessary. I also feel obligated to say, discrimination and crime against transgender people *does exist and it’s a very real problem. Of course, I couldn’t expect people to take us seriously when such a large percentage of the outspoken group act and speak the way they do; but that’s not fair for me and others like me.
    Naturally, we are not going to agree on everything–not because of of the topic, but just because we’re people, and people tend to have differing opinions. Overall, however, I appreciate what you’re doing, and I only ask that you do step back and look at these issues on a grander scale.

    • The “physical appearance” we are concerned about is the penis. Is that “low brow”? No attacks for how they look.

      • Yet you still attack trans women when you can’t see what they’re genitals look like. You’re a two faced bigot who complains about gender stereotypes then enforces them yourself for people you don’t like.

      • Saying things like, “Oh, and don’t click on this link unless you wish for your eyes to bleed” is clearly not entirely aimed at just that part of the anatomy. We both know this. But thank you for entirely ignoring the rest of my post in which I praise you.