RadFeminist Scorpion and Its Anti-Lesbian Agenda

GenderTrender recently highlighted RadFeminist Scorpion and its promotion of anti-lesbianism, most recently through lesbian FanBoy Tobi Hill Meyer!

But who are the “trans women” who routinely make shit up all day to oppress lesbians? (Like this nugget, where a demented “trans woman” named Raven – a heterosexual male in a relationship with a female – claims that I don’t care about rape). Let’s meet one!

Miranda Martell is a student at the University of Chicago who likes to harass Lesbians and Females in her spare time by moderating RadFeminist Scorpions and writing for RationalWiki, a known manarchist bro space!

Well done Miranda! Thanks for giving Tobi Hill-Meyer even more venues to vent his hatred of Lesbians!

Next time, we’ll profile “Karla,” the other moderator! TTFN!

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