Tobi and Her Ladystick – at a Female-Only Space Near You!

Hai! Trans women do not belong in Female-Only space. Females have a 100% right to set a boundary.

Please respect that.

Below the fold is porn!

Hai! Tobi, you are not female. Stop violating female-only space. Please.

3 responses to “Tobi and Her Ladystick – at a Female-Only Space Near You!

  1. As shitty as it is to have to share porn with other people who go to our events, we WILL share this information so if Tobi is found in our female-only spaces he (AND his enablers) WILL be escorted off the premises.

    The word is NO, boys and girls, men like Tobi do NOT belong in our female-only spaces and we WILL protect ourselves and those spaces by either barring your entrance or escorting you out.

    The right thing to do would be to respect our boundaries. Since these kinds of people obviously couldn’t care less about that, we will have to defend them ourselves. That doesn’t mean violence, it means simply saying, meaning, and enforcing NO, just as women have always had to.

  2. DaveSquirrel

    So, Tobi-still-packing-fauxfemale and friend flounce into Michfest with their t-shirt/bag slogans of “Trans womyn belong here” – which is DOUBLY offensive – twanzjacktivists campaigned to get the “100% WBW” t-shirts withdrawn from sale – and secondly, the really fucking offensive use of the alternative ‘womyn’ spelling used in conjunction with twanz. The entire point of the ‘y’ spelling was to remove reference to men/males. And you can’t be a ‘transwoman’ without being MALE first. So fuck off with your colonisation of both places and herstory.

    I also saw some twanz complain about naked pictures posted, I gather this is the one they are talking about. The concept is simple, if you don’t want naked pictures of yourself posted all around the internet, don’t upload them. But these dudes are so full of porn and ego they just can’t help themselves.

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