Well known radical feminists who are Transcritical get more than their fair share of death threats posted on the internet. Below are some aimed at Cathy Brennan.

“… i do hope you fucking die, slowly and painfully, preferably by dismemberment.”

“Fuck you. Fuck you in the ass with something hard and sandpapery…..You are a sorry sack of shit, and I hope you burn in hell for the rest of eternity. God will not have mercy on your soul.”

“Bug needs to die in a fire.”

“That used condom by my bed is still a better person than you, though. Die a slow painful death, pretty please, and do it fast……Just one more person in a long line that thinks you are a heartless waste of air.

(P.S. so I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But go fuck yourself with a chainsaw,
So call me maybe.)”

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  1. I personally hope they carry out their threats. The feminist majority is losing its patients with you people.


  2. There’s a feminist majority? And it has a medical practice too?

    Who gnu?