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  1. The Robert Plant (Circa 1971) lookalike, avec pierced nipples… Are we saying this is a trans person?
    I’m trans(something)…. wished I’d been born female. I mix with men and women and have had sexual fun with both….. I’m clearly not the norm(al) in society.
    I am not a predatory male or female….. I go out, have fun and often get approached by both men and women….. There are women who are interested in the male beneath the appearance…. I am forever explaining myself: not looking to be a male, not looking to be in a porn-movie (shot on a camera-phone!)….
    There are men who wish to encounter a “male”, but find less guilt in a “woman with male equipment”……
    Transvestites (Crossdressers) can be gay or straight males. Transgender are both male and female (isn’t everyone) and transsexuals are much the same as transgender but all these nouns have taken on different “measures”. Those surgically altered and chemically assisted are (in) transition(ing/ed).
    Don’t make us out to be predatory males looking to swoop down on naiive, young women….. You could say the same about some lesbians…. not everyone is the same…. or is it pot and kettle time?