Still Moar Real Talk

we know you didn’t ask to be trans

we know you don’t like the word tranny

we know not all tran people hate female lesbians and male homosexuals

we know that you’re super special and unlike the rest of the WORLD

but guess what

you hating your body has nothing to do with me


2 responses to “Still Moar Real Talk

  1. youre obviously a piece of shit. ‘wah wah wah, i have a vagina, its such a burden, im nothing but oppressed’! its like one big pissing contest over who has got it worse. “you hating your body has nothing to do with me” well you feeling threatened by the fact that male to female trans people exists has little to do with them, and more to do with your strange phobia/obsession. do you feel this way about female to male trans people? are they just begging to become a man so they can oppress lesbians? More likely, its you who is being oppressive by not acknowledging a person born to a gender that makes them feel miserable and uncomfortable is comparable to a lesbian being forced into a heterosexual marriage.
    sincerely, uterus bearing tolerant dyke