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You, my dear gentle readers who love real women, deserve a well-written and lively post gleefully ripping the transgendered ideology to shreds because as we all know,  non-logic is perennially annoying.  Instead, you’re going to get a post, which briefly and succinctly highlights a major inconsistency with transgenderism.  The weirdness, summarized below, starts here, but really, you can usually see examples in any trans discussion.  What am I talking about?  This:

Transpeople continually chant that any objection to transgenderism is the same as a demand for them to validate their very existence.

You could stop there and skip to the end, because hopefully the reframing is clear, but in case it’s not:

Any objection = Denial of their existence

Well, I for one am pretty sure they exist, if only because they tend to inhale and exhale at fairly frequent intervals.  It isn’t their existence which is in…

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