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  1. While pointing out the tactics of others is applying sunshine to their behaviors, taking their tactics is us giving into bitterness…returning hate for hate. I try to remember Roz Kaveney’s six axioms of trans activism:

    1.) Display solidarity with all our trans brothers and sisters.

    2.) Build alliances by getting involved as ourselves in other areas of politics.

    3.) Refuse to let journalistic and intellectual attacks on our community go unanswered – we can have and keep the moral high ground.

    4.) Be creative, be smart, be ourselves, and don’t let anybody tell us who we are and what we do.

    5.) Refuse the pathological model – we are not sick, just different.

    6.) Refuse those politics – heterosexism, body fascism – that work against all of the above, but especially #1.

    And these two quotes from MLK Jr.:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.


    Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.

    We’ve won employment and housing antidiscrimination protections in 17 states. We’ve won the EEOC’s ruling that workplace discrimination against trans people is discrimination based on sex. We’re on the right side of history; we’re winning our civil rights.

    We can focus our energies on obtaining civil rights for ourselves and our peers. We can focus our energies to have more service provider organizations help us achieve appropriate medical treatment for trans people. We can share our narratives in away that build acceptance from others that can be persuaded to accept us as the 3-dimentional, whole human beings we are. We can fight against media portrays that tell our stories in inappropriate ways, and tell our stories in 2-dimentional ways.

    In other words, we can focus on many things besides tangling with our enemies that distract us from the real community work that’s there for the doing.

    So, I advocate trans people just not be keyboard activists, but brick-and-mortar world activists set on changing the world for the better.

    • Roz, who is a violent Men’s Rights Activist: http://bugbrennan.com/2012/04/03/threats-we-got-threats/

      Autumn, you go do your thing. Leave females out of it.

      Also, did you mean to imply that Females are your enemies? Telling!

      Don’t become part of the problem Autumn. You are certainly not part of the solution.

      • Really Cathy? You really are stating that you believe that I’ve stated females are my enemies? You’re twisting my words, but then again that’s the kind of behavior you seem to engage in these days. I would think that’s below you.

        I am female, Cathy. Women as a class of people aren’t my enemies. But ,some individual women, as well as some women who’ve organized themselves into particular groups, can be my enemies.

        The groups I’ve just mentioned include those women who would demonize trans women by describing these trans females as men — are enemies of trans people. Women who would demonize, and sometimes oppress, trans women include many on the religous right and social conservatives, as well as some who embrace the antitrans beliefs rooted in a particular brand of second wave feminism.

        In other words, with regards to antitrans rhetoric, I don’t see much space between your particuar group of antitrans feminists being that much different from women who affiliate themselves with the Concerned Women for America.

        And given that your attacks on trans people included behavior that facilitate those who wanted to interfere with my legal change of gender, it’s telling that you see me as a problem — someone who would engage in violence. Frankly, your behavior in that instance was clearly intended to cause me problems in the brick and mortar world — and your posted link ended up being seen by a cyberstalker as a tool to cause me harm(a cyberstalker who has implicitly threatened me with violence in an email she sent me); as a tool to interfere in my life because she also doesn’t like me stating I’m female.

        Violence just hurts those who are already hurt. Instead of exposing the brutality of oppressors, it just justifies it.

        Please stop twisting my words, Cathy. Please stop implying I might to threaten you with physical violence in the future because I don’t like your point of view, and because I find yor intended interference in my life last year to be reprehensible. I’m better than engaging in violence, Cathy, and you should know that from my previous participation in nonviolent protest and your previous work with me on HB 235.

        And, you really should be a better person than one who wildly implies that I may engage in violence towards you. You really should know better.

      • Autumn –

        You are not female. You might be legal status female, but you are not female. Remember when my ex gf and I met you for coffee? You pounded the table and told us how you wanted to put your balls in a jar after you got them cut off so you could bring them to meetings and say you brought your balls with you. You also asked my ex gf if she would cast your balls for you.

        That’s not female.

        BTW, I thought you were disgusting then, but I was working on HB 235 because I have trans friends I care about, so I held my nose and worked with you. But please do not ever state that we were friends. I would never be friends with someone so crass that they talk about their balls for 45 minutes at a political meeting.

        I am over your martyr bullshit Autumn, because you want to erase females as a class of humans. You know full well that I support rights for trans people because I busted my ass on HB 235 with you. And yet you pretend with this belief that I am “anti-trans” because I won’t say you are female.

        I won’t say you are female because you are not.

        So what you are saying is that females who won’t affirm your mental illness are right wing conservatives? Ok Autumn – tell me another one. Lesbians are used to being told all sorts of bullshit by males who get angry when we won’t date them, either.

        Also, please keep pretending that it is a conservative position to acknowledge that males are not female. Because you cannot pull that “Cathy Brennan opposes rights for trans people” bullshit. Because you know it is false. And I have hundreds of emails from you that demonstrate that.

        You are our oppressor. You and every other self-righteous trans woman who is offended when the world won’t bow and say, “yes, you are female.” And we will expose the brutality of our oppressors.

        I notice you say nothing about the tactics of your sisters – you know, the ones that threaten to murder and rape us because we won’t say “yes, you are female.” I notice you say nothing of people like Dana Beyer, who has been going around Maryland telling people I am anti-trans because my daughter is trans. Yes, that’s a fact! Isn’t that disgusting, that Dana Beyer would think she needs to bring my child into this?

        Autumn, you are not female. And your delusion is causing real life harm to females.

        You take stock of your own actions. Your quest for rights are infringing on female autonomy.

        Now go quote Martin Luther King and Che Guevara somewhere else.

  2. its really telling that transpersons, specifically male-to-female trans like autumn dont embrace the concept of “handmaidens of the patriarchy.” instead, they brand women as their enemies. why not acknowledge the P at all? we acknowledge that other women can be working against womens interests, but we dont slam those women. we make a concerted effort not to. see here


    • Indeed, it is very telling. Perhaps it is because they must eliminate the category “female” in order to advance their beliefs? I don’t know. All I know is that when female is erased, females are erased.

  3. i think its bc AS MEN, they have a vested interest in never directly challenging the patriarchy, and doing it FOR REALS. focusing on and framing women as the enemy is a reversal, and men are experts at patriarchal reversals. men are also violent misogynists, and target women for their hatred and violence all the time, as a matter of course. men who would “never hurt a fly” hurt women all the time, and severely. MTF trans are not women, they are men, and they act like it. and men cannot, by definition, challenge patriarchy, because you cannot support and undermine something at the same time. physics prevent it. nor is anyone likely to be supported by and undermine that same thing, at the same time. and men, and MTFs are supported by patriarchy. transgenderism is the fucking shit icing on the shit cake from womens perspective, and puberty-blocking and medicalizing nonconforming girls has made that so clear. SO clear. they really shouldnt have gone that far, but they have gone that far. they have given away their entire game, and its up to us to call it what it is.

    • Indeed, I could not stomach it any longer. I cannot live with that much cognitive dissonance. Trans activists like Autumn Sandeen have no choice but to label radical feminists and lesbians as “enemies.”

      Ok, Autumn. You keep shoveling your self-serving bullshit, and we will keep stiff arming you. Because that’s what females do, 24/7 – stiff arm violent males who cannot take no for an answer.

  4. medicine = patriarchal institution = patriarchal control. OF WOMEN. the coffee is ready, and radical feminists have been smelling it for a long time.

  5. Autumn’s rapey friend on the Cotton Ceiling: http://rozk.livejournal.com/445853.html

  6. Cathy,

    I’ve letters from healthcare professions that told a California court I’m female. Now I’ve a California court document that says I’m female. I’ll soon have another California document that states I was born female.

    What you have opinion that I’m not female.

    When one weighs documentation from healthcare professionals and the court against the opinion of a person who isn’t a subject matter expert, documentation outweighs opinion.


  7. “When ethics are dropped in the first attack, then ethics no longer apply”.

    Duh, it’s a justification. Are they really this stupid? If somebody wants to ethically defend the performance of a harm, then they need to to prove two things: 1) that they’re actually entitled to the thing they’re whining about, and 2) that performing the harm is the only way they’re going to get the thing to which they are legitimately entitled.

    Trans is using the exact same excuse that Hitler used.

  8. “documentation outweighs opinion.”

    Is a logical argument, and what is your evidence which supports your assertion pray tell? oh that’s right, your OPINION. I mean really, stop abusing logic cos you suck at it. Laws can be changed when opinions change. The only reason we have any laws supporting trans right now is because initially trans cried a lot and there wasn’t any opposition. Now, with more visible nutcases running around, the opposition is growing by leaps and bounds so it’s only a matter of time before the laws get changed.

    Trans is quite desperate, hence the increased hysterical insanity and violent behavior. It’s odd to me how some radfems are taking their crap seriously, because I know that the doctors are watching all of this and doing a complete 180, and it is the doctors who will ultimately advise the lawmakers who are themselves changing their own opinion. Trans is toast, better get the surgery while you still can because in ten years it’ll be illegal.

  9. Autumn, it’s violent to throw iced coffee at someone – http://mansplaintransplain.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/male-privilege-illustrated-reacting-with-violence-is-his-right-especially-when-hes-wearing-a-skirt-and-falsies/

    And I don’t know a lot of females who would do that, because we’d run out of iced coffee, because we get harassed on the street on the daily. Also, assault and rape.

  10. autumn sandeen has the opinion of 2 misogynistic patriarchal institutions, medicine and law, that a castrated man is the same thing as a woman, and a woman is a defective castrated man.

    color feminists unimpressed.

  11. Mary Sunshine

    “Legality” is all lies. (Sorry about that … ) It’s all a lot of made up shit.

    At some point females have to say to themselves, and to each other, “who’s kidding who?”

  12. Lyndon Evans

    And Autumn likes to re-write her own history.


    She can be a revisionist all she wants but chromosomes tell the truth.

    That is something she can’t re-write.