This *ALMOST* Works

A satirical parody of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism fresh off the press. Enjoy.Cover Photo Copyright 2010 (rights to commercial re-use)
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4 responses to “This *ALMOST* Works

  1. ALMOST. Yes.
    For starters, a het-compliant young female on the cover – I really doubt it.
    And the intersectionality one is misrepresentation of the objections to intersectionality.

    But I really like the three ‘SEX’ headlines – made me laugh out loud!

  2. and…….why do they not get that the missionary position IS BDSM!
    the alternative to BDSM is not what they call “vanilla” which is STILL male dominant, male-centred sex. the alternative is to question PIV entirely, and interrogate the male orgasm.
    and the REALLY funny part is when they THINK they are insulting us is the parts where they actually DO get it!

    • ethicalequinox

      Yes, it’s telling that the only thing they can think of besides BDSM and kink is the good ol’ missionary position. Hey, boys, we’re anti-PIV too! They should really know this by now…

      And regarding the first two “sex” statements, do I detect a little slip here, or did they deliberately imply that sex with women *only* is not really sex? Are we leaving something out, boys? Like your male genitalia?