Same sex, different day

Same sex, different day

I think it’s ironic that so many “radscum” started out being very sympathetic to “trans women” — oftentimes for decades — before “trans women” themselves so viciously transgressed our boundaries, so abusively dismissed our concerns as women, that we were forced to see them for what they (as a group) actually are: entrenched male haters of women.

As a person who was best friends with a couple of gay transvestites down the hall in college, as a person who TOOK A BEATING and ended up in the ER when doing her best to stop a gay-bashing in progress against a small, delicate gay man, as a person who firmly believes that people should be able to be themselves regardless of cultural norms — as long as they’re not actually hurting others — it took a lot of abuse to open my eyes to the abject hatred some (most?) “trans women” have for natal women.

Now I recognize “trans feminism” for what it is: one more way for men to appropriate, re-direct and abuse women’s energy and power — towards their own ends, of course.

The “trans” whacktivists I now encounter on-line (and the “trans woman” stalker I am dealing with in real life) are no different than the leftist men during the Vietnam War era who used to tell women that we HAD to fuck them — for the revolution — or else we were tools of the right-wing military-industrial complex — and we were ugly and frigid to boot if we said no.

They are no different than the Black Power activists who used to tell white women during the ’70′s that if we didn’t fuck them RIGHT NOW we were racist tools of “the man” — no better than the KKK.

They’re no different than the frat boys in college who told us that if we didn’t want to have sex with them then we were “ugly, fat dykes” who needed a man to give us a “good fucking” to remind us of our place.

They’re no different than the man who responded to my inquiry for a job on a fishing boat (in Alaska) that the only position I was fit for was “bed wench”.

Same sex, different day.

We submit, we “put out”, we serve, we obey, or else we’re bad, ugly, disgusting, need to be “put in our place”, are stupid, are vile…blah blah blah.

Dudes: it’s not like we haven’t heard it all before a thousand, thousand times.

(Cross-post from a comment I submitted to GenderTrender. – RV)

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