The trans cult fails Feminism 101

The trans cult fails Feminism 101

lezzbfriends: The only reason a lot of cis people think being called a “cis person” is bad, or harmful or wrong is because they are used to the privilege of just being seen as a “person” or even a “normal person” without their sex or gender or gender identity being an issue for them. You see, when you call them “cis” suddenly they are not just a person, but now they have to think about a gender identity. Suddenly they are no better than a Trans* person. And that scares the shit out of them.

magicpoppy: Under patriarchy, females are not considered “normal persons.”  The male body is considered to be the default human body.  No female bodied person, regardless of her race or class, has this privilege.  “Gender identity” is an issue for females because females never chose the feminine gender role.  The feminine gender role was invented by and most importantly is enforced by males.  It is not a privilege because it has never been voluntary for females, despite the fact that many trans women seek to leap into that feminine gender box.  We’ve spent our whole lives there.  Trans women don’t get to tell us that it’s a privilege to live in that box because it looks wonderful to them from the other sex.

Since being female-bodied in patriarchy is not a privilege, females do not have cis privilege.  The term “cis person” erases females and the male oppression of females.

Most females on a global level are too preoccupied with trying to survive patriarchy to entertain the identity fetishism of the gender-obsessed.

I think people are confusing over and over again the issue of structural power versus individual experience.

Women do not have structural power on the basis of our sex, though we may have it in other arenas (sexuality, race, class, etc.). A male is not oppressed on the basis of his sex, though he may be oppressed on other vectors. Claiming that females oppress males (trans women) via our sex ignores the structural power of males over females, and replaces actual analysis with personal victimization.

Do trans women take shit from society? Yes, but as non-conforming males, not females. Do they deserve that societal shit? Nope. Neither do females. Part of that societal shit is a lack of respect for boundaries. I sincerely believe that most trans women have no intention of replicating male domination by dismissing female boundaries and concerns, but as people born and socialized in the male gender role, they do so inadvertently.

They also dismiss female boundaries and concerns in their quest to erase everything that reminds them that they are not female.  For example, from the Questioning Transphobia blog:

I am a woman, therefore *every* part of me is female. My penis doesn’t get exempted from that.

and  thanks for ungendering me, alma, really appreciate it (rolls eyes). you may think of your penis (if you have one) that way and that’s fine for you, but every part of my body is female, including my unusually large clit that happens to look like what most people call a penis.

your “science” is stepping all over my reality.

They are putting their “right” to feel a certain way above the rights of half of humanity.  This may not be intentional, but it poses an extreme danger for females.

notexactlycosmo: I don’t disagree. I think male privilege is so insidious, that we often don’t even notice it. In this case, the ability to pretend that your sex doesn’t matter (because for men it doesn’t), and to ignore female experiences (constant vigilance) is very much a product of male privilege.

Men don’t have to consider their sex at every turn, and therefore find it much easier to claim it isn’t of any importance. When they transition, they still have that mindset. For them, material reality is less meaningful than self-concept. Similarly, because they’ve never experienced growing up female in a patriarchy, they really don’t understand why women are threatened by unknown males. That isn’t their experience, and therefore it can be dismissed as overreaction (something males commonly accuse females of). When they begin to be the subject of male violence, they need to reframe it as something that doesn’t stem from males, or else their male socialized self-concept, in which sex is unimportant and women are hysterical, is threatened. Thus, we have the great transphobia debates, in which women are equal culprits in the perpetuation of gender based violence, rather than the primary subjects of it.

Source (and sorry if I fucked up attributions, magicpoppy and notexactlycosmo are both smart)

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