Trans Women Telling Females We Are Ugly Sounds Exactly Like Straight Dudes Telling Lesbians We Haven’t Met The Right Man

When Trans Women Tell Females We Are Ugly… Read This:

Rose Verbena: LOL at the “you’re fugly and your mama dresses you funny” talk. You have no idea what I look like. You’ve never seen my silky-smooth, pendulous, natural breasts. You’ve never seen my big, brown eyes with the long, silky lashes. You’ve never seen my full, womanly hips, my long, tapered fingers, my 100% natural full, juicy lips. You’ve never seen my pink, petaled vulva or felt my salty-sweet, perfectly healthy, natural vagina. And you never will.  But you can imagine what my womanly body is like — and you know that you will never, ever have one.

I don’t have to wear a molecule of make-up to look 1000 times more female than the most hard-working “trans woman” on earth. If you stood us naked side-by-side, not one psychologically normal adult human being would mistake me as male and a “trans woman” as female.

This drives you into a rage of obsessive jealousy. You lash out at me because I have what you want, what your mental disorder will not let you stop obsessing about. If you were an ethical human being, you’d be honest with yourself and seek an expert mental health counselor to work on your jealousy, you’d own it and fight it — instead you viciously attack any woman who won’t meekly, subserviently go along with the charade of pretending that YOU are female, when you are not female and you never will be female.

MY mental health relies on me being 100% honest, living a reality-based life. Honesty is the bedrock of my personality, the foundation stone of my character. And honestly? I’m done pretending that mentally ill men in drag are “really” women just because they claim it. No.



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