TransScorpion Pushes Lesbians to Overcome Lesbianism



6 responses to “TransScorpion Pushes Lesbians to Overcome Lesbianism

  1. GROSS. subconsciously cis sexist ay? and NOT A SHITTY PERSON = FAAB who might still be convinced to fuck a MTF transgender. everyone else is totes shittay.

  2. Gee, I just haven’t felt attracted to any transwomen. I wonder why. Answer: I HAVEN’T MET THE RIGHT ONE! Oh thank the Goddess. It’s just a question of time, and I, too, can discard my old-fashioned and silly ideas about who is, and who is not, a woman. I will GET OVER being a Lesbian. But where is ‘she,’ this dream transwoman?

  3. Yeah, well, females are like that, too emotional and sensitive. FEMALES. NOT “people with vaginas.” The thing is, if one has a vagina, (not a re-constructed pouch make of penile tissue etc. but the actual organ) then one is pretty much a female. I am not attracted to womyn based how the look of their genitalia. And, by the way, boys, there’s lots more to it than a vagina, but then, how would you know that?

  4. This is really hilarious (and telling… and sad) how the asker goes out of her way to be polite and open to the idea of dating a transsexual woman and all the same gets told she is probably subconsciously “cissexist” because she has never managed to experience an attraction to a MtF. Leaving aside how little I am surprised at such non-attraction from a lesbian, note how it’s never enough, is it, being polite and thoughtful and using the right pronouns. Oh no. There must be more, and what a surprise that that should be giving of oneself sexually. This woman’s natural preference cannot simply be accepted. Let’s analyse it, challenge it, have a workshop about it, call it names.