Threats, We Have Threats!

Hey there, everybody who has stupid-ass issues with trans*people:


Especially you, radfems—fuck you for even calling yourselves feminist with all that logic- and morality-free sewage you’re spewing. I’m comparatively fucking cis and I’m sick and fucking tired of your bigoted bullshit. OTHER CIS PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY OTHER FUCKING FEMINISTS, SHOULD NOT HAVE TO CALL YOU ON THIS. YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO TRANS*PEOPLE.

For fuck’s sake.

If the radfems come anywhere near my blog, I will kill them, and you can all help. It’ll be great fun.


If one more person tells me that ‘all gender is performance,’ I think I am going to strangle them. … So don’t you dare dismiss my gender as construct, drag, or performance. My gender is a work of non-fiction.


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2 responses to “Threats, We Have Threats!

  1. I think the violence is partially from the fact that there really is nothing to back up gender as real, and partially because like many males they think that women who talk back deserve to be smacked around or even killed.

  2. I think that the fury and violence seeps out because these people are
    1. male
    2. mentally ill
    and because dressing up like a clown every day must be difficult,
    and ‘passing’ through life must be VERY difficult, instead of living
    and hating women is the only reason they are ‘trans’ in the first place.

    I agree with magicpoppy, that many men think that women need and deserve to be slapped around. No doubt many of them have been abused, it would hardly surprise me. But when a six foot five inch guy with shoulders out to here and a bad wig goes out on the subway and hears girls laughing–sure, why not laugh at him? If only he could look in the mirror and see what other people see–which is not a woman. NOT a WOMAN. But a six foot five inch guy with shoulders out to here in a bad wig…