The Myth of Trans-Exterminationism

Trans activists – specifically, trans women – have appealed to liberal females’ willingness to accommodate them and be nice by saying this like “females who oppose gender identity are trans-exterminationists.”

Trans activists suggest that females (and males, but mostly females) who critique gender identity theory are evil monsters intent on destroying trans* folks completely.

This suggestion is hyperbolic and wrong.

Trans* folks exist.

It is clear, however, that the Trans* Movement wants to destroy completely the category of Female. It is clear in their language and their priorities. It is clear in their actions.

Females have the right to talk to other females and determine our own priorities.

Female exists. Females exist.

Female matters. Females matter.

7 responses to “The Myth of Trans-Exterminationism

  1. Mary Sunshine

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    We don’t exterminate trans* by talking about the fact that females exist, that females matter, and that female biology matters.

  2. Barbara Di Bari Visconti

    They’ve got some nerve. And that has characterized male behavior towards females for millenia now – some nerve.

  3. Hyperbole, thy name is transactivism.

    “If you don’t allow us to invade your movement, re-center it around our special selves, let us redefine biological females out of existence, define females as oppressors of males, ignore boring reproductive issues and let us have our way every single time, you want us all to die.” There are three-year-olds with better reasoning skills. The MTF transwhacktivists literally think that not getting their way in everything equals the most brutal oppression ever. This is not all that surprising, since most of the loudmouth MTFs grew up white and middle class in addition to male. They’ve no clue how different their expectations are from those who grow up female.

    Like that maniac Char Crawford, who thinks that being denied a public space for he and his partner to beat each other bloody is genuine oppression:


  4. except that no. except that people who perpetuate this are totally erasing the struggles trans* people go through and ignoring that gender and biological sex are completely different concepts. Trans* activists don’t want to erase women, they want trans* women included in that category. And saying that trans* women have male privilege is ridiculous. They may be treated as male before they come out, but I think the dysphoria, identity confusion, being forced to hide their identities, ridiculous amount of discrimination and violence they face on the basis of their identities kind of cancels that out. See: Cece McDonald, Paige Clay, Agnes Torres Sulca, Japarker Jones and the list goes on and on and on.

    • You are an idiot. We know sex and gender are different. And we know that trans activists want to replace sex with gender. This is bad for females. And this is especially bad for lesbians.

      Violence against females surpasses violence against trans women.

  5. except that people who perpetuate this are totally erasing the struggles trans* people go through and ignoring that gender and biological sex are completely different concepts.

    You’re really behind the curve, Mira. Radical feminists are not erasing the struggles of trans people. It is trans women activists who seek to erase everything that reminds them that they are not biologically female.

    The trans line, at least within internet “activism,” is that gender is fixed, and biological sex merely a construct. Cathy is right that transactivists want to replace sex with gender, and erase the biological category of females entirely. This is dangerous for the majority of humanity who are oppressed on the basis of their biological sex.

    The transvolk seek to subvert the forum, feminism, that females created in which to fight the oppression they suffer AS A SEXUAL CLASS. Trans women activists spend more time attacking feminists who dare to prioritize issues that DON’T AFFECT TRANS WOMEN than they do confronting the males who actually oppress trans women.

    Their entryism is complete and utter bullshit, and we’re not having it.