Katy Berger Tremaine

Threats of violence from Katy “They can die in a fire, and make it a fire made of living knives that are also made of fire.”

In which sending a link becomes “stalkery harassment.”

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  1. Ellen Craker

    I am a feminist, I am a friend of Katie’s, and I am an ally of the LGBT community. Simply put, you disgust me.

  2. What a sick person:


    “I’m a relatively privileged middle-class trans woman. I “only” face objectification, petty discrimination and potential violence from others’ bigotry. Pretty much in that order, too; violence is a fairly remote possibility for a tall, pretty woman who looks like she can handle herself if things get ugly. Poor trans women face eviction, rape, beatings, murder, sexually transmitted illnesses and imprisonment.”

    How solipsistic to think that anything you don’t experience personally doesn’t exist.

    If violence is a fairly remote possibility for you, Katy, it’s because you’re built like a linebacker. You can “handle yourself” because you’re still in the same tall, broad-shouldered male body you were born in. The overwhelming majority of women cannot defend ourselves physically against the average man. Violence is not a “fairly remote possibility” for us. You obviously neither know nor care what life is like for the female-bodied. Fuck you.

    It’s always the Oppression Olympics with MTFs. They can never allow real statistics of violence against them to stand alone. In addition to pulling stats out of their asses, MTFs can never resist erasing the violence that men commit against women. Only trans women get evicted, raped, or beaten. It’s the same histrionic litany every time they don’t get their way.

    Oh, and Katy, your hero Serano does not make a compelling case. The Debunking Serano website gives her homophobic, misogynist pomospeak the grilling it deserves. It is you, Serano and males in general who present a false choice between minstrelized “femininity” and “emulating men.” MTFs always think they’re presenting women with new information, when everything in Serano’s book regarding gender is just the same old crap we’ve heard for 5,000 years. We could read the same shit on a million fundie blogs. As a woman, I’ve no need for men to tell me how to be a lady. Thanks anyway.

    Thank you to all MTFs for making your extreme narcissism so evident all over the internet. The average woman isn’t going to be nearly as accommodating as the status jockeying libfems when they get a full dose of transcraziness.

    We don’t post these examples of transpeak to try and reason with you. There is no reasoning with the delusional. We are gathering evidence to show well-intentioned liberal women what you’re really about.

  3. AMEN, Jen ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. Oh, now I understand what Katie was talking about. Katie, dear, you are a political activist who injects herself into this conversation. You also *specifically* and *repeatedly* talk about me. STOP STALKING ME. Or, learn how the internet works.

    “I am a geeky, sex-positive, body-positive, sci-fi/fantasy fan, proudly queer, proudly lesbian, proudly trans woman.
    Web: widdershinsdaughter.dreamwidth.org” – http://cvg2010.sched.org/katiebergertremaine

  5. Anyone else notice how many of the Tumblr trans army are heavily involved in sci fi/fantasy, role-playing games, video gaming etc.? These grown-ass adults in their late 20s and even older, basically spend their lives immersed in fantasy. The leap from full-time involvement in social media, role playing and video games to insisting that the entire world consider a penis to be a female organ is not such a big one if you live in your head.

    One also notices that many of the white trans people with the time and money to be sci fi goons do not hesitate to appropriate the experiences of trans people of color.

    As one poster said on Gender Trender:

    “For instance, the “survival sex work” rate of 1 out of 5. That probably means 75% of Asian and Hispanic “she-males” coming from gay backgrounds and less than 1% white males who identify as lesbians. The Transgender Day of Remembrance has a lot in common with Men’s Rights dudes who claim that they’re oppressed as WHITE men because Tupac and Biggie were shot, therefor being a man is dangerous all around and it’s all women’s fault.”

  6. Penny Sautereau-Fife

    Ah the cognitive dissonance of Femisognynist radfem bigots. So quick to mischaracterize, insylt and outright shit on Katie, but in complete denial of your own hateful bullshit. Shock and awe.

    ED. NOTE – This is Penny: https://pretendbian.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/377274_128952460550044_100003058722942_128327_690197938_n.jpg?w=1000&h=

    Cognitive dissonance, indeed.

  7. Uhm…Are they aware that they are fascist and make the T community look like a bunch of fascists?

  8. You people are sick. I just cannot believe the levels to which you will stop to pander to societal values. Call yourselves feminists, and radical ones at that? You’re about as radical as the republican Party.

    • Please provide more information regarding the “societal values” to which we pander.

      Also, you are the one erasing Females reality. You are part of the War on Women. Republican this!

  9. RoseVerbena

    Berger-Tremaine is a repulsive liar. I blocked him for a while and will block him again, but that doesn’t stop him from posting outright lies and libel. I wonder if he realizes that someone out in the interwebs might have deep enough pockets to sue the hell out of him for libel one of these days?

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