Oh Supercomputer Trans Lesbian!

And this one harasses Females!

So here’s the list of “radfems” that two pretendbian dudes on tumblr are asking people to harass.  If you are on this list please just block anyone sending you these messages and report blackenedbutterfly and tal9000 for harassment.




There are a shit load of radfems attacking trans women on tumblr right now and y’all are fucking SILENT. 
And you call yourselves allies. I am disgusted.

This ENTIRE THREAD (TRIGGER WARNING for transphobia and ableism) needs you to come collect your fucking people. The radfems are fucking monsters. The following hateful pieces of shit are encouraging violence against trans women in that thread alone:











Here’s some outside of that thread (I figured I may as well link to examples. I won’t be linking if they self-identify as radfem on their bio.):










dyke-digest (here)

blinko (here)

home-of-amazons (here)

ceratopsian (here)



adeepseafish (here)


(via tal9000)

Leading with Love Approved!

10 responses to “TAL9000

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  2. Fuck off, Tal9000 is awesome and doesn’t deserve your shit.

    • No, she is not awesome. She participated in the harassment of a lesbian on tumblr who spoke out against the cotton ceiling. Not awesome.

      When will you give a shit about lesbians?

      Look, she “likes” this


      I figured out how to help radfems become real empathetic human beings.

      You have to call them out on their shit.

      You need at least 15 people constantly doing this for a week.

      You MUST break their spirit.

      You need them to expose their personal blog. Radscum often think they can spout bigoted hateful speech and never gain any repercussions. You need to strike them where it hurts. Threaten to oust them. When their feelings are hurt, then they’ll find that they have to take responsibility for condoning their hateful words.

      I think, with the last case (thecottonceiling), the breaking point was when she mistakenly did the private reply and I exposed her personal blog
      I don’t think she ever expected to take personal responsibility for her claims.
      And now, both Tal & I were quite surprised that she actually meant her apologies once it became personal.

      So far, I’ve had the privilege of exposing two radscum*. One had their blog deleted by tumblr for promoting hate speech (thank you to those who started that petition! I’m grateful) . The other one agreed to unlearn her hateful views. Her empathy and conscience finally caught up with her.

      You can only strangle that thing for so long before you hurt too many people.

      * I do not want to take credit for all the work you other tumblr users have put into exposing these radscum for who they are. I cannot list every tumblr here because damn that’s gonna be a long list. But I thank you from my heart, that you have done good deeds. You have helped hurt women unlearn the hate they learned from transphobic feminists when they were vulnerable. For that, I thank you. I cannot thank you enough. You have directly helped reduce suffering in this world.

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      It’s just like deprogramming other hateful behaviour, like misogyny and racism.
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      it is a worthwhile one.
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      Radscum is identifying himself as another male rights activist. I think all of us women should learn to stay away from…
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      Is that even the real Cathy Brennan or some cisfuck pretender radscum who’s got a crush on that hateful pile of shit?…
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  3. So? You and your ilk constantly trash trans women, dox them, invalidate their identities, and bully them. Stop pretending that you’re the victim in this situation. If you treat people like shit, don’t be surprised when they fight back.

    • Red Alert! Trans Dogma Fail!!! If their identities are the real deal, how can anyone “invalidate” them? Even you don’t believe that those identities are real, that’s why pretendbians have to force themselves on lesbians in the hope that someone else will vouch for their delusions.

      And yes, we “dox” their identities to document their blatant hate, misogyny, and general pervy-pornsickness for all to see.

      That this hatefilled rant doesn’t bother you speaks volumes about you, Lucy, so do keep putting your feet in your mouth and we’ll dox it.

    • Here, if anyone wants what you are selling, Lucy, they can get it from you directly: http://allecto.tumblr.com/aboutme

      You are taking up for violent people. Well done! How liberal of you.

  4. Spend any time on those tumblr sites and you’d think autism was the new black. Being plain old genderqueer is just so 2010.

  5. Yes, lesbians are exactly like lesbians – whether you agree with their actual gender or not. Who died and made you head of the Gender Police? Next week, lesbians won’t be allowed to wear baseball caps or drive because it’s too ~manly.
    Tal9000 is right to speak out against you violent radscum. Don’t forget – violence begets violence! The hate that is coming from all compassionate people towards you right now, regardless of gender, is self-defence. You are part of an organization that murders, attacks and verbally abuses innocent women because they don’t live up to your standards.

    (And before you ask, I do have a vagina, and I do know what it’s like to have known standard misogyny. I’ve heard that argument thrown around before.)

    (Also, my email isn’t working, so I’m more likely to reply if you were to contact me at my Tumblr. Which has no personal information on it, so good luck doxing me too!)

    • Your delusions are showing.

      1) Lesbians have one single solitary gender in the minds of the vast majority of human beings: Woman. And a woman is an adult female in all but the tiny little minds of a handful of mentally ill people.

      2) We aren’t part of an organization

      3) If we were part of an organization, it wouldn’t be one that had anything to do with murder

      4) No organization is murdering trans people; individual MEN are doing that. Go fight with them.

      5) And leave actual, real live lesbians ALONE

    • 6) Anyone using the term “radscum” is herself or himself a raging misogynist.

      7) Being shown for the misogynists they are does not give trans people and their supporters the right to threaten violence against women.

      8) Supporting trans violent aggression and threats makes you a handmaiden of the patriarchy.