Harriet Vane/Lucy Paw

says she’s not a dyke! says she’s is! who’s to say!?

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  1. Just in case you couldn’t tell from that lovely glamour shot of “Lucy” here’s the proof of what a really classy laydee Lucy really is. From Lucy’s very own blog:

    “Your kind is the cause of more of my kind’s death and violent suffering than I can count with every fucking thing y’all say and do. So I really hope I don’t die from the fucking irony poisoning of the words that just passed out of your shit lined, cisfuck radscum’s hatehole.” by Harriet Vane/Lucy Paw


    “Anyways, get drowned, cis scum.” by Harriet Vane/Lucy Paw


    “The world of the radscum where their misogyny against other women, cis and trans, is not as hurtful as the supposed misogyny they get. Hint to radscum: Trans people want you dead not because you’re women but because you’re hateful bigots who want trans people eliminated. Your womanhood doesn’t even enter into it.” by Harriet Vane/Lucy Paw


    “brb i’m gonna go poop in thecottonceiling’s bed
    let’s all join together and poop, in solidarity, in thecottonceiling’s bed.
    hold hands and shit on her pillow.” by Harriet Vane/Lucy Paw

    Stay classy Lucy, no one knows you’re a dude.

    • Really, this is how well you dox me? You use the name of a fictional character who I use in place of my real name and separate ‘lucy’ and ‘paw’ as if that might be my name. Try harder. You can start by googling Harriet Vane.

      I’m unclear why you decided to honour me with your hate since I’m not a lesbian. Also, out of the quotes Noanodyne posted, I only wrote one of them. She might want to learn about the reblogging function of tumblr and notice when things are quoted from others as opposed to being original.

      Stay classy with your attempts at terrorism, Cathy.

      • LOL! What a rich little freak you are.

        You offend victims of terrorism, lady. “Of all the vile nasty quotes, I only wrote one.” LOL.

        You harassed a lesbian on tumblr because she dared to say that lesbians don’t owe trans women sex. I suppose in some circles that makes you a civil rights hero.

        Sad for our “movement.”

      • fightsmisogyny

        Too bad you don’t understand that “the reblogging function of tumblr” allows anyone watching to hang everything that happens under your nym on you personally. If you don’t want it hung on you, don’t reblog hate-filled screeds.

        Oh, but wait, that’s exactly WHY you reblog hate-filled screeds — you want it to look like there’s a whole bunch of reblogging going on instead of a circular trans firing squad. Your attempts at terrorizing females are being documented, dood, it’s just a happy by-product to show how stupid and pathetic your attempts are.

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