Shout Out from Julia Serano!

Yay shout out!

You can read Serano here.

And more here!

2 responses to “Shout Out from Julia Serano!

  1. Hey! You’re famous.

    I watched the first piece in that video. “I am not fucking MAAB!”

    But ya are, Blanche! Ya are!

    What is her point? She’s a biologist, for God’s sake. Doesn’t it get tiresome to try and pomo-speak away the science that she knows is true? Do whatever you want with your life and your body, but you don’t get to force the rest of us to pretend that up is down and day is night. Their demands just keep getting crazier.

    She reminds me of a quote I saw on Questioning Transphobia:

    “thanks for ungendering me, alma, really appreciate it (rolls eyes). you may think of your penis (if you have one) that way and that’s fine for you, but every part of my body is female, including my unusually large clit that happens to look like what most people call a penis.

    your “science” is stepping all over my reality.”

    I’m sorry reality is such a bitch, but you can’t wish it away.

  2. worst blog ever

    so pathetic


    Cathy you are such a knob lol