“Aspire to that Level of Responsibility”

Statistics bear out that Males commit

most violent crimes, with Males committing 87% of all homicides.


thank you for liking my art :) I am humbled


ED. NOTE – More of Indi’s “work,” demonstrating how all male she is!
INDI! You are so female!

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8 responses to ““Aspire to that Level of Responsibility”

  1. Cathy Brennan we have never met, What you do in your spare time is pretty creepy. You need to get therapy. Stop stalking and perusing trans woman its starting to look like you are attracted to us. Just so you know. I think you are ugly and disgusting and oh yeah I am not a lesbian but if I was it wouldn’t include you. So take a huge leap in to a huge vat of GTF out of my life, stop stalking me (and others) and get some psychiatric care. Nobody takes you serious, everybody knows your are completely crazy. You have zero credibility and come off like a crazy cat woman. Seriously take a look at yourself, you have let go and become over weight, your voice sounds like its masked by heavy medications and you dont speak you rant. AS I said people know u are crazy. get help. It has also been suggested to me by others who have been on the other end of your transphobia that your are trans attracted and that explains your pre occupation with trans woman. So you are a chaser? LMAO now it makes sense. No sorry I like men. After meeting you I like men more.

  2. What is more d00dly than telling a woman you disagree with that she’s ugly and unfuckable? To a guy, that’s the worst insult a woman could hear.

  3. I am glad you got my latest picture, i made it for you.

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