Pretendbians – Sharp Political Commentary or “Something Else”?

Your thoughts welcome! All of the individuals profiled on this website have injected themselves into the debate regarding Gender Identity and have made themselves public figures.  Yet, all of these folks believe that their words are INVISIBLE.  HEY WE CAN SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING LADIES.

6 responses to “Pretendbians – Sharp Political Commentary or “Something Else”?

  1. what in the what?

  2. They don’t want to be analyzed or questioned, because their premises are bunk and they have nothing but the accusation of “Transphobia!!!!!!”

  3. I would also not refer to this as a “rogue’s gallery” – that has a specific meaning in the United States, and I don’t assert, state or believe that any of these folks have violated any law.

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