Teresa Ellen Reeves

4 responses to “Teresa Ellen Reeves

  1. Violating womens boundaries is soooo, ummm, missionery-like. Hey, we all need a hobby.

    Love the eyebrows, Terroresa

  2. I see that they seriously need a new hobby

  3. First of all, comparing it with Apartheid? Like women appropriated a territory belonging to another group, and made up a set of new rules and laws to make the locals shut up and obey? Well, something tells me even a toddler can see it’s precisely the other way around. But actually, this brings me an idea: shut up, troll, and wait till they profoundly state that their exclusion is like the Holocaust – so everybody will realize how insane they are.

    Second, the skill to calculate fails here. There were 101 women + Teresa. So Teresa only needs 100 other trans”women” to get an equal number of non-women; NOT 102, not even 101. So what does he mean? Or, wait… does Teresa somehow feel MORE-of-a-woman than the other trans”women”, counting herself in with the other 101 real women? It seems so. How “inclusive”, haha.

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