Caitlin Johnston/Vexing at Feministing

UPDATE: Vexing had removed the infamous “I wouldn’t fuck a trans person” post from Feministing. But it is now back up!

Caitlin Johnston – – not cool to lie!

6 responses to “Caitlin Johnston/Vexing at Feministing

  1. When reality, fantasy, and delusion collide, watch out, it’s going to get ugly.

  2. fightsmisogyny

    This is the dude who famously said:
    “if you don’t want to date a trans person, even though you’re a supposed ‘ally’ and you’re supposedly ‘cool’ with trans people, then you are a transphobe.”

    And what he really meant is that lesbians should be willing to fuck people with penises who claim to be women and lesbian. Which is a rapist’s mentality, pure and simple.

  3. Vexing has posted under many other names… also the famous “V” of the blog “Acquiring a Vagina” and the Scarlet Sorceress (Scar) from the blog of the same name. Both of these have since closed down, but Caitlin still comments on forums as “Free Education” (former name “Caterpie” and another that’s slipped my mind).

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  5. Caitlin’s now married and goes by the name Caitlin Spice. Caitlin’s never been a sex worker in Australia to my knowledge, but does work in Wellington in IT. The Scarlet Sorceress blog is back up, containing such gems as “Female Priviledge Does Exist.”