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  1. “good goddess, what is this obsession with a few grams of erectile tissue?”

    Oh lawd. The average hetero person has no clue what these people are about, outside of the sanitized stuff they put on HuffPo and the like. Transactivists don’t have sane people like Rachel Maddow to represent them. They have Julia Serano shrieking about how she’s not a MAAB, amateur porn stars like Tobi-Hill Meyer, and the freaks on Tumblr.

    When Mr. and Mrs. America get to know transbians, and find out 80% of them are packing penis, it’s all over for them.

  2. Keefe regularly posts MRA talking points and fake MRA “statistics” on Huffington Post, which no one there questions because in libworld trans women cannot be criticized. From her perch there:

    ““Trans people don’t ‘change sexes,’ we transition to bring our body sufficiently in line with our sex, our neurological sex, which in a sapient species is the only legitimate metric of sex, as to eliminate life-threatening stress between neurological, or identified, sex and presentation. She didn’t used to be male. She used to present male.””

    We don’t present female, Val. We ARE female.

  3. Val is really special. http:// valeriekeefe. livejournal. com/ (link is broken)

  4. Here’s a fun thread where Valerie lectures Daisy Deadhead, notorious trans-fellator and collaborateur in infiltrating and destroying feminist websites.

    Val berates Daisy for complaining that women only hold 17% of seats in congress, and says that women don’t run for office in greater numbers because “politics is a field where visibility and success is the key social reward.” She also insults Daisy for not being as educated as her:

    “PS: You really shouldn’t get into an argument about representative government and not know what party lists are. This is why I’m glad I took economics and political science instead of a rehashing of Germaine Greer’s greatest hits.”

    If it occurs to you that Keefe sounds like Warren Farrell in drag, you are correct. Val mansplains to Daisy further down the thread that she ought to read Farrell.

    Valerie Keefe is a Men’s Right’s Activist in Laydee’s clothing.

  5. Further proof in Valerie Keefe’s words on an anti-feminist blog that Keefe is actively opposed to women’s rights:

    “There’s so much intersectionality between queer rights, trans rights and male rights, that I think to get a good handle on the very inhumane and erasing ways in which quite a few radical feminists behave, you’d do well to read such blogs as and other trans activists who have to consistently call radical feminists, (as opposed to liberal feminists, who really, like Dr. Farrell, are more anti-sexist than anything, with the lens on their own personal issues, like everyone else tends to be,) on their outright sexism and erasure.

    If articulate, anti-sexist, masculists want allies, then get loud and tolerant, don’t let the back-to-the-patriarchy types derail what should be one of the leading social movements of the 21st century, and get yourself allied with privacy rights, gay rights, trans rights. Be good allies, because feminists don’t speak for the majority of people, they don’t even speak for the majority of women.”

    For Keefe, gay rights do not include women’s rights. That will be no surprise to lesbians.

    When trans women use the word “intersectional” be aware – it means they intend to erase females as a sexual class and prevent them from fighting for their own interests, and shame them from even acknowledging that they have common interests.

  6. and, you gotta read Valerie Keefe in the comments mansplaining that “you [cis women] can take a half-a-second to assess the situation so that every male-presenting person out there doesn’t think that you’re Schrodinger’s overreacting-misandrist”

    nice feminist fail there.

  7. Valerie Keefe’s entire online existence is a feminist fail. His comments in that thread CT linked are indeed worth reading.

    Keefe recites an episode where a couple of women shrieked when he came up quickly behind them on a sidewalk. Keefe does not blames his “humilation” on the violent MEN who through their behavior make women afraid of men, but on the two women for not considering that a 6’2 man rushing up to them might feel like a woman inside (!), or be a survivor of sexual abuse. Note that Keefe does not consider whether the women who shrieked at him might themselves have been victims of violent assault by men. He complains that they reduced him to the “status of object” but he does the same thing to them.

    Keefe has also claimed on several blogs that women commit 40% of rapes. This is nonsense, because government statistics, including those for statutory rape and child sexual abuse committed by females, reveal that women only account for a tiny minority of sexual assaults.

    Keefe never cites a source for his ridiculous claim, but it appears to be a study in which male college students were asked if they ever had intercourse when they didn’t feel like it. Males reported that they sometimes stuck their dicks into women when they didn’t particularly care one way or another, and MRAs claimed these events as rape.

    And Keefe wonders why women do not accept him as a woman.

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