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“She” abandoned “her” old page because it had too much lesbian hatred on it.



Necrophiliac Masturbation!

(I wish I was making this up)

What do Cathy Brennan, Mary Sunshine, Bess Hungerford, Fin Ravenswood, Liane Timmermann, Fab Libber, Jane Chen and Bev Jo have in common?
This is Why Trans People in Maryland Can’t Have Nice Things | The Transadvocate
Lesbians are generally not the ones using the word “Lesbian” as a shaming tactic. Lesbians are generally not the ones who say that other Lesbians don’t speak for the GLBT Community or for Lesbians. It’s Late-Transitioning Heterosexual Males who do this with regularity. It’s Late-Transitioning Hetero…
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    • Bonze Anne Rose Blayk ‎-
      Cathy Brennan cares.She really, really, cares.”I am in no way diminishing the journey of late transitioning MTFs or the pain they endure due to it – indeed, I have sympathy for any human who goes through this.” – Cathy Brennan

      Which explains her participation in The Spite Club, right?


    • Gemma Seymour-Amper They all have a personal hate-on for me? They all have a towering victimization complex? They’ve all been passed by the inexorable march of Progress? They were sent scurrying with their forked tails between their legs when Baltimore County rejected their arguments? I give up, what is it?

    • Lisa Pollard They all feel like they need to be “protected from Judith Butler” by high Jesuit walls?

    • Gemma Seymour-Amper That bit was delicious.

    • Gemma Seymour-Amper See, and here, I was enjoying being protected from Jesuits and their radfem progeny by high intellectual standards…

    • Katrina Rose Yes Lisa, apparently “Judith Butler” is the name of the villain in the new Spider-Man movie.Who’da thunk it?

    • Gemma Seymour-Amper I have to read this again, because the first time, I was just stunned by the…everything…of it.

    • Gemma Seymour-Amper ‎”You think I don’t understand, but I don’t believe you.”Really, Cathy? You couldn’t come up with a better title than that? All that education, law school even as you are so fond of reminding people, and that’s your title?Here’s a clue for you, Bug. Several, actually.

      It’s NOT that we think you “just don’t understand”. We know that’s how you feel about us; we know you think that we believe you, as a woman, are incapable of the powers of perception that society usually grants to men only. We know that you think we believe this because you think we are “really” men. We know that’s why you continually use weaselly descriptions of us like “late transitioning heterosexual males”, rather than simply “women”.

      It’s not because we disdain lesbians, or even “Lesbians”. I say this not as a “shaming tactic”, but because it is only within the community of self-identified, Capital-L “Lesbians” that any difference between the terms “lesbian” and “Lesbian” is even recognized. It’s not because we think girlhood isn’t significant. It’s because you are, flat out, by a mile, eminently, demonstrably WRONG by any standard that is accepted among intellectual communities.

      As trans women, it would be hypocritical of us not to respect your right to an opinion; however, as trans women, society puts the onus and impetus upon us to examine the roots of the imbued meaning that society constructs concerning gender in a way that is never required of cisgender/cissexual women, whether unabashedly straight, lesbian, or “Lesbian”, and when you fail to recognise this, you appear to be an exceedingly petty and ill-informed person.

      It is not humiliating to be able to admit when you just don’t have the experience required to speak as an expert on the topic of our realities, and my speaking about my reality in now way diminishes, or detracts from, your ability to do the same for your reality. Our existences are not in conflict, yet you persist in forcing them to be so.

      Face it, Cathy, the world has passed you and your cadre by. The stuff that you and Bess and the others are peddling is the stuff of the Dark Ages. Honestly, the reason why I have pretty much stopped bothering to engage your arguments is because your arguments become less and less relevant with every passing day; i don’t even have to do anything to counter you. You don’t really even make me angry anymore. Now, I just pity you.

      I hope you enjoy the new anti-discrimination laws in your municipality. They protect you, too. Oh, and I just heard about the death of Bess’ grandmother. Please send her our deepest condolences. I’d do it myself, but we’re not friends.


      Gemma Catherine Viola Seymour-Amper